Audio Visual

TO MEET THE EVER INCREASING DEMAND for AV technology in the workplace, Malko Communication Services contains a full in-house AV division to complement its Low Voltage offerings that include: DAS, Security, Voice and Data.

Malko Communication Services provides access and knowledge of the most current AV equipment and solutions. The workplace is always evolving and the need to collaborate with others, on and off site, is an invaluable tool. With today’s products and tomorrow’s ideas, we provide the best solutions for your individual needs.

AT MALKO COMMUNICATION SERVICES, we deliver a full turnkey AV system from beginning to end, as well as being a source for installation of consultant driven projects.

Our relationships with professional General Contractors, Electrical Contractors, and Consultants, along with our capabilities and geographical location, enable us to meet your highest expectations.

AV Design

  • Design Build Services
  • Project Specifications
  • Bid Design
  • Bid Review

AV Installation

  • Project Bidding
  • Dedicated AV Installers
  • Certified Workforce
  • Union Installation
  • Quality Control

Partner Services

  • Site Survey
  • AV System Design Review
  • CA Drawing Services
  • System Commissioning
  • System Verification Testing
  • Electrical Services

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